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Thanks for letting me use your picture, Jinwook!

Hi Debra - I just wanted to say thank you for what you are doing with S -I saw some notes the other day and I liked what I saw- Thank you !!!


I had studied English in Korea, but when I arrived here for my internship program in Hotel Management, I realized that I had more to learn to be able to communicate at work and with my new friends in the United States. ALLENGLISH classes were perfect for me because I studied everything: I developed my writing, listening, speaking and expressions for conversation.  People understand me much better now. 

For a while, I thought I couldn’t go further and improve my English any more.  I have been in too many English classes, but tutoring with Debra Allen changed everything!!  I and everyone around me noticed the improvement in my accent as well as... read more

My position as a financial advisor requires a lot of spoken communication with prospects and clients.  Taking classes with ALLENGLISH helped me speak with more confidence.  I’ve noticed a difference in my own speaking as well as in how people respond.  Thanks!

Jenna, an English Language Learner, looks forward to her tutoring sessions with Mrs. Allen, and the increase in her writing ability and subsequent desire to write have been remarkable. Additionally, Mrs. Allen has helped Jenna understand basic structure of English grammar, provided strategies to assist with reading comprehension, and to analyze and comprehend questions related to her reading. Jenna's greater understanding of academic English has helped her in all subject areas and she is getting good grades as a result.
Georgia, Glen Allen VA

Debra's lessons are helpful and interactive.  She's helped me write with focus and clarity which is crucial when I send e-mails as well as any type of correspondence.

Debra, How can I explain about your brilliant talent? You are the best teacher in my life. Thank you for your teaching.

-Vicky, South Korea (on CyWorld)