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41 Common Irregular Verbs List

Common Irregular Verbs in the Past Simple Tense with Examples

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be was/were   I was here yesterday.
became He became certified in 2001.
begin began  We began dating in 2005.
buy bought I bought a new car.
choose chose I chose a compact car for the gas mileage.
come came I came to Richmond 2 years ago.
cost cost Repairing the roof cost me over $5000.
do did I did everything to reduce my interest rate.
drink drank I drank 3 cups of coffee this morning.
drive drove I drove to Roanoke in under 3 hours.
eat ate I ate pizza for dinner yesterday.
feed fed I fed the cats at 9:00 this morning.
find found I found $20 in my coat from last winter.
forget forgot I forgot my friend’s phone number.
get got I got the mail before you came home.
give gave I gave my credit card number to the salesman.
go went My brother went to Brazil.
have had I had a Metro before I bought the Civic.
hear heard I heard that eating sugar cures the hiccups.
keep kept I kept the ring my ex-fiance gave me.
know knew I knew it wasn’t true.
leave left They left over an hour ago.
let let I let my students choose their own schedules.
lose lost I lost a sock in the laundry.
make made My mom made a quilt.
mean meant That’s not what I meant to say.
read read I read Anna Karenina twice.
ride rode They rode to work together as part of a carpool.
ring rang My cell phone rang during the meeting.
run ran My phone’s battery ran out.
see saw I saw Spiderman the day it came out.
sell sold That company sold more than 50% of its shares.
send sent I sent the package yesterday.
sleep slept The children slept during the movie.
steal stole Someone stole my friend’s wallet.
stick stuck The window was stuck before I oiled it.
swear swore I swore I would never shop at that store again.
take took I took the afternoon off to enjoy the weather.
think thought I thought you were going to call me.
wake woke I woke up in the middle of the night.
write wrote I wrote 60 pages of my dissertation.

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