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Present Simple vs. Present Progressive
to be

Use verb tense and context to correctly match the questions on the left with the answers on the right.

1. What’s Mr. Carson’s first name?   b. It’s Barry.
2. Where is Jim from? j. He’s from San Antonio.
3. What is Jim doing? g. He’s working.
4. What is Mary’s last name?  c. It’s McGraw.
5. What is Mary doing?    i. She’s working.
6. What are Barbara and Mike doing?   e. They’re working.   
7. What is Mary’s phone number?    a. It’s unlisted.
8. What are you doing?   f. I’m waiting for the bus.
9. Who are you calling?    d. I’m calling my mom.
10. Where is she?      h. She’s in California.

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