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Possessive Adjectives, Subject Pronouns, & Object Pronouns

Read this dialogue between two friends who meet at the store.  Think about whether the word you choose is possessive, a subject-verb contraction, or an object pronoun.  Choose the correct word.  

Britney:          Hi Diane!

Diane:            Hi Brittney.  (It/Its/It’s) so good to see (you/you’re/your).  (You/You’re/Your) looking well these days.

Britney:          Thanks.  I was just at the beauty salon getting (me/my/I) hair done. 

Diane:            (It/Its/It’s) looks great.  By the way, I saw (you/you’re/your) yesterday. 

Britney:          Oh, really?  Where was (me/my/I)?

Diane:            (You/You’re/Your) were at the mall.  I was in line shopping for (me/my/I) husband’s birthday present, so (me/my/I) couldn’t say hello.

Britney:          Well, tell (his/him/he’s) I said happy birthday. 

Diane:           I will.  We wanted to invite (you/you’re/your) over for (us/we/our) party.  Do (you/you’re/your) want to go?

Britney:          Sure!  When is (it/its/it’s)?

Diane:            (It/Its/It’s) on Saturday at 6:00. 

Britney:          Do (you/you’re/your) want (me/my/I) to bring anything?

Diane:             No.  I’m making (his/him/he’s) cake, and I’m cooking a special family recipe for (his/him/he’s).

Britney:          Well, if it’s OK, I might bring (his/him/he’s) a present anyway. 

Diane:            OK.  I’ll see (you/you’re/your) then.