Agree or Disagree

Identify phrases for agreeing and disagreeing. Write A if the sentence expresses an agreement. Write D if the sentence expresses a disagreement.

  1. ____I agree with you.
  2. ____You are right.
  3. ____I don’t agree with you.
  4. ____My point of view differs from yours.
  5. ____I think we are looking at this the same way.
  6. ____I think our perspectives are different.
  7. ____In my point of view…
  8. ____I see your point of view, but…
  9. ____I don’t see your point of view.
  10. ____I think you might be wrong.
  11. ____You have a good point.
  12. ____I think you might be right about that. 
  13. ____I see.  However, …
  14. ____Oh, that’s interesting.